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COVID-19 has impacted many, we are here to help keep you operating and your employees working. We can have you up and running on our web ordering platform for pickup and delivery in 24-48 hours in most cases. Contact us today to talk with a implementation specialist.
Using the Palmware Software as a Service (SaaS) we can quickly deploy a mobile and HDMI based package for your business.
Manage your customer facing concent via our easy to use Content Managment System (CMS). Allowing for rapid content updates to both mobile and HDMI based solutions.
Feature Rich
We continue to roll out many new integrations and functions that you get for no additional cost to you.
On-Draft List & Info
List your on on-tap draft beers with details such as brewer, abv, style and more. Integrated with our database containing thousands of beers.
Upcoming Event List
Enter and share your upcoming events and activites with detail.
Special & Discount Notice
Notify customers of specials and discounts. With barcode integration coupon integration and more.
Location & Availability
List all your store locations, or all the locations your products are sold.
Push Notifications
Send mass and targeted push notifications to your customers to announce new events, specials, now on draft and more.
Interactive Trivia
Give your sitting customers something to do between order taking and order arrival. Integrated display between mobile and display.
Television & Monitor Display
Connect our module to any HDMI device and start showing content to your customers on premise, not just in the app. Supports draft list, events, triviai and other content.
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